“Step right up folks!” This is one of the most unique wedding events we were involved with. The vintage Circus themed wedding was put together by and for the Bride Kendall Turner. The atmosphere was electric with many elements that you expect to see at any circus. This event was held at Palmetto Collegiate Institute (owned by the town of Lexington). The circus performances were provided by Members of Alternacirque and friends of Kendal. The vendors involved to help make this such a magical event were:

The lighting effects were as follows:


  • Cafe Style Stringers w/red and white Chinese lanterns, radial above mall area (between guest tent and
    food tents).
  • 30′ Truss Tower and Rigging in center of the mall area.
  • Up-lighting for tent legs and poles, and truss tower.
  • AC distribution ceremony, stage, vendor tents, and lighting, with an on-site technician.
  • Hang 8′ Black Leg covers, with red ribbons.
  • Hang 16′ Black pole covers, with red ribbons.
  • Hang Red and white ribbon (radial & truss).
  • Hang 16′ Black Ribbon for the tent pole.
  • Spotlight for 2 large florals on the center pole.
  • Spotlight for food tent ceilings.


  • Uplighting for white picket fencing at the entrance.
  • Uplighting for exterior house walls (side & rear).
  • Uplighting hardwood trees.
  • Uplighting for the gazebo.
  • Cafe Style Stringers under the gazebo.
  • Cafe Style Stringers above the rear patio, upper lawn, and game area.
  • Set-Up and Strike, Design, and Ground plan.
  • Colored ribbons, power generator, and/or power supply.