What can Ambient Media provide for my event?2017-08-17T12:54:52-04:00

 We provide consultation/design, ambient lighting, draping of backdrop and ceiling, sound system, video projection system, slideshow production, custom monogram design, and other custom design elements.  We also specialize in overhead rigging and electrical distribution, indoors or outdoors. For videography, large concert production, other services, etc., we can either subcontract or refer you to vendors that we know and trust.

How much do your services cost?2017-08-17T12:55:17-04:00

Our clients typically spend $1,000 to $5,000 for our services, depending on their design and budget. We can do as little or as much as you like, with no upper limit. Each client determines how important our service is to their unique event. Maybe our services are not that important, or maybe we are super critical… please allow us the opportunity to help you figure that out.

Do you have any packages or set prices?2017-08-17T13:04:01-04:00

We do not offer any package deals, per se. We work with each client on their specific needs and create a custom design for their unique event. A lot of factors come into play for each design, including the client’s vision and budget, the size and location of the venue, special equipment or elements, etc.

We are happy to put together a preliminary quote at no charge. Please CLICK HERE to request a quote and fill in as much information as you can.

How and when do I secure Ambient Media for my event?2020-04-21T11:20:49-04:00

First, we create an estimate for your particular design. Then a deposit is required to reserve our services, usually 25% of the total, or pay the total amount if you choose. The deposit/payment reserves and guarantees our staff and equipment for your event. The sooner a deposit/payment is made, the better chance that other confirmed events around the same date will not affect yours. Occasionally it becomes ‘too late’ to get everything you want, as other events become reserved on our calendar. Reservations are typically secured months in advance.

What happens if I change the venue, or want to make changes in your services?2017-08-17T12:55:58-04:00

Sometimes this happens, and we do our best to make the same design fit a new venue. We will coordinate any adjustments with you if needed. Changes are easy and commonplace during the ‘estimate/design’ phase, it’s part of our service. Once a deposit is made we hope for few or no changes, but if you want to add, remove, or change elements, then we will gladly work out any new arrangement with you.

I’m planning an outdoor event in the open air. What if we need to add a tent, or move our event indoors?2017-08-17T12:56:16-04:00

For an outdoor event, it is always good to make a backup plan with your vendors. Weather is beyond anyone’s control, so we watch forecasts and develop a backup plan with you. As the event date approaches, we will coordinate closely with you, the venue, and other vendors as needed. Should a change become necessary, then we strive to make your same design work in a tent or an indoor location.  Occasionally we need to adjust some of the elements to better suit the tent or venue while maintaining the scope of the service you paid for. Even so, there is no guarantee that this will work out entirely, or result in the same amount of goods that can be used.

On rare occasions, we may have completed a setup, and in that circumstance, any major change at the last minute would incur more cost. We’ve seen a few clients gamble and lose with the weather, but most clients execute a backup plan on advice from vendors or event planner.

What type of payment do you accept, and what discounts are offered?2017-08-16T21:48:08-04:00

We accept Visa/Mastercard/Amex, check, money order, or cash. For your convenience, invoices and payments can be handled online through our secure bookkeeping system. Please contact us directly for details on discounts for military, non-profit, cash payment, etc.

What happens if I cancel or postpone my event?2020-04-21T11:22:24-04:00

Postponement happens occasionally. We simply retain any payments made, and we will gladly move the date of services up to a year from the original date. Beyond one year, there might be an increase in cost.

Cancellations are unfortunate and never an easy situation. The minimum deposit of 25% of Grand Total is non-refundable; 7 to 42 days prior to event, 50% of Grand Total is due and nonrefundable (including 25% deposit); less than 7 days prior to event, 75% of the Grand Total is due and nonrefundable (including deposit).

We require written notification for a cancellation or postponement, for record keeping purposes… email, US mail, hand delivered note, etc.

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