This wedding reception was planned exquisitely by Wedding and Event Planner Meagan Warren and held at the vintage, yet most trendy 701 Whaley Venue in Columbia, SC. Additionally, we had the pleasure of working with some other local professional event vendors like…  Scott Hall Catering, who helped “Raise the Bar” quite a bit and one of the premier florists in Columbia – Lexington SC American Floral. All came together to make this event for the Mathews – Florez wedding one that will never be forgotten!

The lighting effects were as follows:


Hang CND’s white manzanita chandelier and add droplight.
Blackout Treatment for windows.
White Draping for windows – no cinch, drape to the floor.
Redirect track lighting to spotlight altar area


Mini String Light Curtain hung on wall behind large bar at far end of room
Mini String Light Curtain hung on blueish wall behind DJ (lights to go to ceiling and then create a sheet-like curtain over dancefloor)
White Sateen Window Drapes
Large Beaded Cyrstal Chandelier to be hung over cake
Redirect existing lights to pin-spot seating tables and cake table

Rolling the D-I-Y-ce Can Be Memorable!Simply Arlee