04/06/2013: On this date, we were brought in to help create the perfect ambiance at the Bishopville Opera House by Meagan Warren for the exquisitely planned, Davis and Tindal Wedding reception. One of the interesting facts about the Bishopville Opera House is this; “The ‘Opera House’ is a misnomer, as the building was erected in 1902 for a Court House. Later it was used for public entertainment.”

Here is just one of the many 5.0 ratings Meagan Warren has received from one of her happy clients; “Meagan took my vision for my wedding and turned it into a complete reality. She also worked hard to make sure my dream wedding came within budget without sacrificing quality. I knew my wedding day would be stress-free because Meagan and her team would have everything covered – and they did!!!” As a wedding planner, Meagan deserves those 5.0 perfect ratings because working with her has proven one thing… she deserves that rating and so much more!

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Meagan and to show just another shining example of how much fun it is to shine the perfect light on Love… Ambient Media is truly, “Love Well Lit!”

The lighting effects were as follows:

  • Amber uplighting with Dimmer Control
    Paper lanterns with dimmer, white and ivory, various sizes, from the center of the room to above the stage
    Cake Spotlighting