Ambient Media has enjoyed a very special relationship for 10 years now with Southern Way Catering and the venue they own called The Millstone at Adam’s Pond.
The Millstone at Adam’s Pond is an estate that dates back to the 1700s, Adam’s Pond provides an enchanting setting for elegant Southern garden weddings, receptions, casual barbeques, oyster roasts, and other special occasions.  It features acres of natural landscape, a beautifully appointed house, renowned cuisine and skilled staff combine to create unparalleled celebrations.
Adam’s pond is convenient to most areas of Columbia.  It has a historical and unique woodland setting with cascading water, a peaceful pond and beautiful old trees dripping with spanish moss. There is a front brick patio and deck perfect for an outdoor ceremony.  The interior features a formal room with a fireplace, and even separate lounges for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Then as you head out of the back of the house there is a large screened porch area with a fireplace and ceiling fans.  And in addition to all of that space is a beautiful wide open 55′ x 50′ brick patio in the back of the house perfect for a large reception or tent to be added.
Southern Way Catering provides all of the catering for events at The Millstone at Adam’s Pond and with 30+ years in the catering business, they are grounded in delicious southern cuisine and topped off with the best in fine dining service.
Thank you Southern Way Catering for calling on us all of these years to help illuminate the beauty of The Millstone.
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