Exquisite ~

of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence, as a face, a flower, coloring, music, or poetry.

Exquisite is just one of the adjectives we can think of to describe this beautifully planned and coordinated prom for Lexington High School by Melanie Murphy, owner of: By Invitation Only. There’s so much we can say, but we think it’s best if you just look at the photo gallery. You can find out more about By Invitation Only and Melanie Murphy from many of her adoring fans here: Testimonials for Melanie and By Invitation Only

Thank you Melanie for including us as one of your trusted “Go To” vendors!


The lighting effects were as follows:

  • Spotlighting on mask at entrance
    Uplighting for long red drape down hallway
    4 Legged Ivory Fabric Radial in ceiling at bathroom area
    AM small crystal chandelier in center of fabric radial
    Uplighting on cafeteria columns (no color/incandescent)
    Uplighting on frames in lounge (no color/incandescent)
    Spotlighting on big mask hanging from ceiling on stage
    Pin-spot lighting on white peacock feather centerpeices
    Project monogram onto high wall (video projector)
    3 tier crystal chandelier in center of dance area, dim control
    1 tier crystal chandelier over dance area, dim control
    small crystal chandeliers over dance area, dim control