Shedding some “Light” on Chandeliers

Throughout the centuries, the chandelier has gained a reputation as probably the most popular decorative object. Since its beginnings, it was a symbol of triumph and social standing. The name itself was a synonym for luxury, power, and class.

It’s no wonder our clients are regularly requesting chandeliers to hang over their cake tables, bars, dance floors or scattered throughout the room.  Chandeliers are always a beautiful way to highlight your “theme” and can really help complete the perfect lighting design.

There are a lot of things to consider when hanging chandeliers.  Safely hanging heavy chandeliers is very important.  DIY chandelier hanging is never recommended.  Hire a reputable lighting company to make sure that your chandelier is hung properly and that power is distributed properly.

Ambient Media has a large selection of chandeliers for you to choose from but we are always happy to hang our client’s chandeliers for them also.  We always attach dimming controls to the chandeliers we hang to make sure that they will have the perfect brightness to complement the other lighting in the room.  We have even made custom chandeliers for our clients who request them and have hung our client’s custom made chandeliers also.

~Erin Bates